Each Flavor Pack Contains Natural Color, Flavor & Sweetener. Ready To Mix! Just Add Whipping Cream.

You're only 5 MINUTES away from making delicious homemade whipped cream.

1 Pre-Sweetened Flavor Pack + Add Whipping Cream

We make it simple! Save time & money...there's no need to buy multiple pricey ingredients. Our natural flavors, colors & sweeteners are all-in-one convenient pack!

Homemade Delicious Whipped Cream

Top your treats with delicious whipped cream made by you.

Quick & Easy To Use- 3 Simple steps

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About Us

My Story

I decided to make a lifestyle change which included making better food choices, but I’m a southern girl who likes to splurge sometimes. Unfortunately, most of my guilty pleasures were made with high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors and colors.

Like my grandma always said “if you can’t find something create it!” ​Her advice inspired me to create IncrediWhip ®. The rich and creamy taste will remind you of the good old days when foods were homemade.

While we build our nationwide footprint into more retail locations, we want to offer our delicious whipped cream flavors to everyone. So we created a fun kit in powder form that allows you to make fresh whipped cream quick & easy at home. 

-Dr. Shica

Natural Flavors, Natural Colors & No High Fructose Corn Syrup

We use the same great ingredients in our powder that we use in our cans! We do not use any artificial colors, flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Our packs are pre-measured and ready to mix. 

We even use our signature blend of cane & coconut sugar to lightly sweeten your cream. Our flavor packs can be used to even make whipped cream frosting, add it to other drink recipes and more! Stay tuned for recipe ideas.

Each Flavor Pack Is Like Having A Can of Our Delicious Whipped Cream

With our flavor packs, you get the same delicious gourmet taste that we are known for in convenient pre-measured packs. We've combined our natural flavors, colors & signature sugar blend all-in-one. We give you unique & amazing flavors so you can 

Make Your Whipped Cream Dreams Come True!

Whipped Cream Dreams Delivered To Your Door


DIY: Have Fun With Our Whipped Cream Kits!

Whether you are making fun treats with the kids, margaritas with the girls or barista style coffee drinks, we have a whipped cream flavor for you! We love all things whipped cream so it's great that customers can find our products in various stores across the country but stores only have enough space to carry a few of our flavors so, we created our homemade whipped cream kit. While we build our nationwide footprint into more retail locations, we want to be able to offer our delicious whipped cream flavors to everyone. Whether you are using our piping bag set or gourmet whipped cream dispenser, you'll experience the rich & creamy flavor of our whipped cream. We use natural colors and natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup!  

It's More Than Traditional Whipped Cream: Many Uses

Our whipped cream can be used for more than just desserts. It's an amazing coffee creamer (make your coffee a latte), fruit dip (you'll love dipping your strawberries in our chocolate whipped cream) and it makes delicious whipped cream icing. Imagine the reaction from family and friends when they try your strawberry icing & it actually taste like strawberries! 

Better Ingredients & Flavors Galore!

With unique flavors such as Lemon Meringue & Pina Colada, whipped cream has finally arrived. We have an endless amount of natural flavors! You'll experience the rich & creamy flavor of our whipped cream with our natural colors & natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup!   


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